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Sep 30, 2012 9:00am EDT
just shy of his 60th birthday. >> jack kennedy was a friend of mine. senator, you're no jack kennedy. >> osgood: coming up, the great debates. >> there you go again. is portion of sunday morning is sponsored by... announcing fluzone intradermal vaccine, a 90% smaller needle, wow that's...short. to learn more talk to your health care provider. [ female announcer ] fluzone intradermal vaccine is fda approved for 18-64 year olds. it shouldn't be given to anyone with a severe allergic reaction to any vaccine component including eggs, egg products or a prior dose of influenza vaccine. tell your doctor if you've ever had guillian-barrÉ syndrome. redness, firmness, swelling and itching at the injection site occur more frequently than with fluzone vaccine. other common side effects include pain, head ache, fatigue and muscle aches. if you have other symptoms or problems following vaccination call your doctor immediately. vaccination may not protect everyone. 90% shorter please. i have a callback on monday. [ female announcer ] visit or these locations to find fluzone intradermal
Sep 30, 2012 6:00am EDT
was asking me some questions. and then he said uncle jack, it is easier to be a sinner than to be a christian. i said you don't have to do anything to be a sinner. you joust drift away into all of the temptations of the world. but when become a christian, there is a peace that god give that is those other things promise be cannot produce. but jesus produces it in us in the beginning of his life. that is there, we are attracted by the glitter and the sound. my daughter said about, or my grandson is growing up, she said dad, that boy, now i have found out something about him, i found out that if i don't want him to do something, if i want him to do something, is that it. if i want 3zhim to do something i'll tell him not to do that. now god said to not touch the tree. don't look apartment the tree, don't eat of the tree. they went ahead and ate. so whatever that is in little billy, i know where it came from and whatever it is in you and me, we know where it came from. and it is still there. do you want to make sure it is still there. have you walked into a mark and you saw a bench and it was pai
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2